Senior Interview Day is one of the ways we bring real world relevance to education, and is always one of our most popular in-school events. Our students spend weeks preparing and, by interviewing with one of the dozens of helpful volunteers representing every imaginable field of industry, gain valuable insight into the interview process and the working world. Insight we simply can’t replicate in any other way. Insight we can’t replicate without the help of volunteers.

By participating this year you will be matched up with students interested in your field of expertise or in pursuing a position similar to yours. You may ask them questions of your own or use sample questions we will provide. Your evaluation of their responses, resume, and poise will be used both as a grade and as useful feedback for the students to reflect on and grow from.

If you’re interested in participating and have some time available on November 16th, please follow this link to fill out the online participation form:

Thank you for your consideration and please don’t hesitate to contact me at or at 410-887-5108 with any questions or concerns.


"Our charge is not to teach, but to make sure students learn."

Brian Schiffer
Assistant Principal
Perry Hall High School